Once all Wild Dogz are minted, a gargantuan battle for supremacy will take place. The Wild Dogz will fight it out to be top dog, and you have a say in who will be crowned champ.

The Wild Dogz are made up of 32 distinct packs, identifiable by their outfit. Each pack has a king or queen leader, identifiable by their crown. There is only 1 king or queen in each pack. Each pack also has an upstart and pretender, identifiable by their mohawks. These 'punks' are looking to take control of the pack from the king/queen of their pack. Again, each pack only has one punk. The kings/queens and punks are effectively the super-rares of the collection.

The kings and punks from each pack will battle it out in a knockout-style competition with the last dog standing being crowned the leader of the Wild Dogz world.



Battles will be held online through, in a knock-out style format until the winning dog is crowned top dog. Every battle will be head-to-head, with two Wild Dogz taking each other on. The Wild Dogz community will choose which dog wins each battle by voting on who they think will win. The dog with the most votes in each round will progress to the next round, until a final winner is decided.

Battles will commence after all Wild Dogz have been minted. Follow our discord group to stay up to date on battle dates and results.

WD Fight Club Battles.jpg


Aside from the fame & glory of owning the top dog, Wild Dogz owners will be able to win serious prizes throughout the competition. 10% of project revenue will go towards Fight Club prizes.


The pot of prize money for Fight Club (10% revenue from the project) will be split out as per the below.



3rd place: 10%



But that's not all. We are also working on a tipping comp which will be announced before Wild Dogz Fight Club commences. For those not familiar with tipping, this is a result prediction competition, to correctly guess the winners for the first 3 rounds of battles. Before each round of battles, guesses can be submitted and the person/people that get the most amount of predictions will win a share of an ADA pot. Below is a summary of prizes.

The battles will be split into rounds of 8 battles with 500 ADA prize money available for those who predict the battle outcomes correctly. 

Tipping Rounds & Prizes

Round 1 (Battles 1-8): 500 ADA

Round 2 (Battles 9-16): 500 ADA

Round 3 (Battles 17-24): 500 ADA

Round 4 (Battles 25-32): 500 ADA

Round 5 (8 Battles from Round of 32): 500 ADA

Round 6 (8 Battles from Round of 32): 500 ADA

Round 7 (Quarter-Finals): 500 ADA

Round 8 (Semi-Finals): 250 ADA

How to enter

Join our Discord group to stay up to date on entry deadlines for each round.

details to be confirmed once Wild Dogz are minted.