Q1 2022 Develop 10,000 bad-ass Wild Dogz - complete Q2 2022 Build wild dogz community onli

*To break even on the project and provide enough funds to commence the Wild Dogz Fight Club, we need to achieve 100% sales. This will allow us to provide adequate prize money and resources to run the online competition. We plan to use 10% of the total revenue for prize money. The prize money pot will be available for Dogz that place 1st-4th.

**We are committed to donating 10% of all revenue to a Wild Dogz charity, chosen by the Wild Dogz community. 

***Developing Wild Dogz & growing the community has been an incredible and enjoyable experience. We have plans for a 2nd series project with a closely related but different idea. If Wild Dogz is as successful as we hope it will be, we will begin Series 2 in 2022 and will add new ideas and rewards for the community that took part in Series 1. More info to be announced later this year (2022).